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Our next litter of kittens is due in January 2023.
There is an expected of Siamese - Seal and Chocolate Point.
Kittens leave here at about 13 weeks. They will have received the 12 week vaccination, been microchipped, toilet trained with Breeders Choice and desexed. They have been trained as indoor pets only and will sleep on your bed if you allow.

Please phone 07 5462 3292 or 0455 73 99 72 to arrange a suitable time to visit. All Kittens are registered with Cats Qld Inc


Kittens do not leave our home before they are at least 12 weeks of age. They will have received their first vaccination, been desexed and Microchipped. By this time, they are house and toilet trained, eating a wide variety of food. Our kittens are raised as house pets and have never been allowed outside the house. We recommend that you keep your pets inside where possible. If you want them to be allowed outside, we recommend that you build an enclosure attached to a window so that they can come and go in safety.
We do not accept deposits on kittens under 6 weeks.

Have a look at a slideshow of some of our recently placed kittens

Please contact us to find out when we will have the next litter. Our girls are only allowed 1 litter per year to enable them to recover properly.

New photos will be on this page as soon as the amateur photographers can get some good pictures. The kittens should be ready for viewing at about 6 to 8 weeks of age. If all things go well, they should be available to go to their new homes when they are around 13 weeks of age. All kittens will be available after vaccinations, microchipping and desexing.
It is possible for a Microchip to move around from the injection site. Microchipping is now required by law.

If you are looking for a present for another person, please bring them along as what you choose may not be suitable for the intended owner.
Kittens are ready to go to their new home at approximately 13 weeks depending on their personality development. Each kitten will have received their first vaccination with the next due 4 weeks afterwards. Please ask for the F3 vaccination as a small number of our kittens have had a bad reaction to the F4 vaccination.

Yearly vaccination renewal is then required. The F4 vaccination may be given at this time as the kittens immune system has matured.

Kittens have been raised indoors and have never been let roam outside. Because of the laws being inacted in other states, we recommend that you keep your cats indoors

Siamese and Orientals

are very intelligent and also very loving and loyal. They are active and tend to connect strongly with their owners. The kittens here are fed primarily on fresh foods in preference to commercial though they will eat anything put in front of them. Their diet includes regular additions of chicken pieces - generally either wings or drumsticks. A diet sheet listing their current diet is sent out with every kitten which leaves our premises.

All the kittens are trained to be house pets and companions and We strongly advise new owners to keep them inside only. Any time outside to be either on a leash or in a purpose built external run facility.

If you would like one of our babies, please remember that you will need to train the kitten to how YOU would like them to behave in the bedroom. As it would get rather crowded in our bed if we did this!

Please tell us a little about yourself? Will the kitten be a sole pet or will the baby have a companion? If you are local to Adare, Qld 4343, you are welcome to come and see the kittens for yourself. Please phone on (02) 6291 6156 or

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International Costs will be higher because of export requirememnts for Special Veterinary Examinations and International Microchipping etc.

We do not accept deposits on kittens under 6 weeks.
We will be placing some photos of any new kittens here when available.

Mums lap is good

Have a look at a slideshow of some of our previously placed kittens


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